Richter sand is a family business; Jan & Maglize Richter was the proud owners to start the business just over 20 years ago.

The two owners started the business by opening a quarry just outside Pretoria. We started out very small with only a TLB and one 5m³ truck to do deliveries in Pretoria area.

As Richter Sand grow over the years we gained more product knowledge and started to supply different colors of specific sand types, the quarry became so busy we had to put up a processing plant of our own. To supply all our clients , as well as other transporting contractors.

As the quarry was picking up business so did the deliveries we made to Pretoria and Cullinan area. We had to purchase more trucks and different sizes to suite all our clients needs.

Today we are 4 proud members of Richter sand. The entire Richter sand family is hands on in the business.

N.J & Joelize will be the second generation taking over from Jan & Maglize. As they grow up in the environment of Richter sand they know exactly how the business is run and what are the long term goals.

With all 4 members active in the business, we keep on growing Richter Sand CC. We are one of the top Sand and stone suppliers in Pretoria, we hire out trucks & earth moving equipment all around South Africa.

We don’t separate our clients due to the size, We offer services to the public and contractors.  We believe in great client service and constant excellent product quality. And building customer relationships, we have clients that still purchase products from us since 1996.

We lead the way, the rest will follow!

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